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<Role: programmer, game designer, concept artist>

The Bird and the Fish is an interactive poem about two beings that lead separate lives despite similarities in circumstances that are determined by fate--by you.

There are 16 different endings depending on the lines you choose for the poem. Each line is linked to a character, a setting, the circumstance, or the character's reaction--the latter two expressed through animation.

The player is able to switch between two perspectives: the first-person POV (WASD control) and the isometric camera (point-and-click control).

After my 3D modeler/animator brought my concept designs to life, as the programmer, I worked to faithfully adapt her models/animations back into the game. There were also unique challenges, such as how to impart to the player two different control schemes.

Made with Unity3D; originally a collaboration with a 3D modeler/animator. Base music from Sealadder on freemusicarchive which then went through a sound processing program.

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