For my last semester at NYU Game Center, I took Prototype Studio with Matt Boch where we made solo weekly prototypes based on new prompts. These were all made in Unity. Over the course of several weeks, I developed a personal prototyping kit to expedite the process to cover multiple genres: from dating sims to competitive dress up games.

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WEEK 1: A Nice Date
PROMPT: What were you expecting to make in Prototype Studio?
A dating sim with a physical twist.
Play as Yun, who has recently scored a date with her crush, who may or may not actually know that it's a date. Yun's pretty nervous, so make sure she doesn't mess it all up by touching her crush's hand too soon!

WEEK 2: Tire'd
PROMPT: Make a game based on a video of an animal using a tool.
A physics puzzle game.
Rotate the room to bring the tire out through the hole. Be careful not to get confused by the mindbending nature of the cube! Comes with four levels.

WEEK 3: Intrusive Thoughts
PROMPT: Use only text.
A first-person exploration of suicidal ideation.
Explore some thought loops and try to escape those pesky intrusive thoughts. Don't fall.

WEEK 4: Don't Let Them Fall Through
PROMPT: Make a DLC of a game you've made before.
A multitasking narrative game.
Play a game while online chatting with a "friend." Inspired by gmail chat.

WEEK 5: Dress the Hockey Baby
PROMPT: what do Winter Olympians do to cool down after the Olympics?
1 vs 1 competitive dress up game.
Play as the American mom or the Canadian mom to dress your baby the most American or the most Canadian way. Each clothing item that stands for your country counts as one point. Speedily place the clothes on the baby to earn points and take off the other mom's clothes that she put on the baby to replace it with yours, all under a time limit, because the baby certainly doesn't have enough patience for your shenanigans!

PROMPT: Make a 1D game, based on Line Wobbler
1 vs 1 racing game.
Get to the other end before the other player. Make sure not to land on the purple zones. GREEN = good to move / YELLOW = about to turn red / RED = don't move!

WEEK 7: There's No Unisex Bathroom
PROMPT: Make a game using only assets from a given asset pack (only 3 original assets allowed).
Exploration of my personal experience with gendered bathrooms.
There's no unisex bathroom and you're a fish out of water. Eat some good thoughts to survive. Anxious bathroom times for those outside the binary.

WEEK 8: You, Who Exist
PROMPT: Earth art (A Line Made By Walking by Richard Long)
Walking simulator?
Walk to uncover some words, read and experience and meditate. This may take all day, take your time.

WEEK 9: Will They Won't They
PROMPT: Turn it in half a week earlier
(Context: I had been turning works in very late at night of the deadline to add more polish, so the professor for our final personalized prompts told me to just turn it in early.)
K-Drama simulator
It's the nth soap drama with endless episode numbers. End the series when you are ready to see the end...but is a satisfactory ending ever possible?

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