At Filament Games, my responsibilities as a UI/UX Designer (or Visual Interaction Designer) include designing any UI elements, implementing interactive animations, making wireframes and storyboards (both internal and client-facing), and adapting the game layouts in multiple resolutions to determine that they can be played on different devices: web, mobile, and desktop. Because my skills include visual art and programming, I also frequently rapidly prototype as a secondary programmer, guide the aesthetic of the project, or script templates for clients in app form.

Below are few of the projects that I have done at Filament Games. All were done in Unity and C#.

Client: iCivics

Newsfeed Defenders is a challenging online game that engages players with the standards of journalism, showing you how to spot a variety of methods behind the viral deception we all face today. Join a fictional social media site focused on news and information, and meet the challenge to level up from guest user to site admin. This can only be achieved by spotting dubious posts that try to sneak in through hidden ads, viral deception, and false reporting. In addition to maintaining a high-quality site, you are charged with growing traffic while keeping the posts on topic.

This project was unique in that there was a need for UI/UX overhaul in the last month of the project. I was brought in as a quick problemsolver, implementing the new UI/UX direction set by another UX Artist, and eventually took over as the main UI/UX Designer. The full UI/UX overhaul was done within the deadline.


Client: Waterman Foundation

Just the Facts! is an interactive writing game that teaches elementary school students how to write a standard five-paragraph essay. In the game, the students play as a journalist who writes an article to raise awareness about an endangered animal.

I was the sole UI/UX Designer on this game, making sure it plays well on mobile and web as a text-heavy writing game. The challenge was to have the game be as responsive and fun as possible while being about an admittedly boring topic for the average elementary school student. Because the clients were visual-oriented, a lot of time was invested in making concrete storyboards and mockups to enable good communication.

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