collab / [READ MORE HERE]
Audiovisual projection mapped co-op game. Made with Arduino and Unity.

collab / [WINDOWS] / [MAC]
Jenga gone digital. Initially made for Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. Design and art.

Not Alone
A VR hypertext narrative fiction, made as part of research of text in VR. Original research proposal, art, and design.

he's not my
Interactive fiction about careless choices.

The Faceless Ones
solo / [PLAY]
A hypertext fiction written in Twine about a faceless child who journeys through an unknown countryside to find their face.

collab / [INFO]
Sisyphean tale of rock rolling, made during Global Game Jam 2016.

Totally Not an Alien
collab / [INFO]
Waving and gesturing game, made during Global Game Jam 2017.

Waiting for the Bell
solo / [link]
A short comic about waiting. Hover over each panel for different soundscapes.

Critter Me
collab / [Chrome browser extension] / [demo]
A browser extension tamagotchi. You feed it image, junk, or ads that you don’t want to see. Watch it grow and take two different evolutionary paths!

You Only LIFE Once!
collab / [Manual + printable materials]
Card game mod of the board game LIFE, introducing strategy with personal storytelling element.

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