collab / [WINDOWS] / [MAC]
Jenga gone digital. Initially made for Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. Design and art.

Not Alone
A VR hypertext narrative fiction, made as part of research of text in VR. Original research proposal, art, and design.

The Faceless Ones
solo / [PLAY]
A hypertext fiction written in Twine about a faceless child who journeys through an unknown countryside to find their face.

Pokémon Champ Height Chart
collab / [link]
An interactive height chart featuring Pokémon characters, written in HTML/CSS/JS. Art by sanigo.

Pokémon - 360° Panorama
collab / [link]
A VR-compatible 360° panorama featuring Pokémon characters/world, written in HTML/CSS/JS, using Design/art by sanigo, Kanu Pham, and prassio.

Waiting for the Bell
solo / [link]
A short comic about waiting. Hover over each panel for different soundscapes.

Critter Me
collab / [Chrome browser extension] / [demo]
A browser extension tamagotchi. You feed it image, junk, or ads that you don’t want to see. Watch it grow and take two different evolutionary paths!

You Only LIFE Once!
collab / [Manual + printable materials]
Card game mod of the board game LIFE, introducing strategy with personal storytelling element.

oca's birds

music game of an ocarina and birds

stacks on stacks

puzzle game of stacking and unstacking

the bird and the fish

playable poem


audiovisual projection mapped co-op game


visual novel about a star and a statistic

he's not my

interactive fiction about careless choices

totally not an alien

waving and gesturing game


sisyphean tale of rock rolling


games and misc